5 Minutes to Stress Relief

How to Release Fear, Worry, and Doubt…Instantly

Lauren E Miller ~ Foreword by Les Brown

Lauren Miller is one of the most incredibly powerful human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet.  I use Lauren’s work daily.  She is a voice to be reckoned with. Lauren has that spirit behind her voice and work.  If you are serious about transforming from the inside out, Lauren Miller’s work speaks for itself.” 

-Les Brown, World Renowned Speaker/Author

Listen to Lauren's interview with Les Brown here.

Stress has three main fuels: fear, worry and doubt.  These three fuels are like little serpents that crawl up into the lap of your life and create havoc emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Did you forget that you have the ability to identify and dismiss these 3 serpents and their crafty methods of dismantling your ability to maintain inner calm, clarity of focus and a motivated response to all of life? 

5 Minutes to Stress Relief contains essential insights and techniques needed to walk through any storm in life while remaining connected to the source of strength and happiness in the midst of it all.  It is packed full of powerful stress relief practices to help guide you on your healing journey." 

- Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of
Happy for No Reason
and Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul

5 Minutes to Stress Relief will give you the specific skills and tools to:

Stress is commonly known as the silent killer. As a Conqueror of advanced cancer and divorce at the same time, Lauren E Miller equips you with the ability to quickly handle successfully any situation that unfolds before you in 5 Minutes to Stress Relief.

Who is Lauren E Miller?

Founder of Stress Solutions University, International Motivational Speaker, Award Winning International Best Selling Author, Lauren E Miller has received national and international recognition including Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, Discovery, Lifetime, CNBC, MSNBC and the International Journal of Healing and Care. Utilizing Stress Solutions University.com, bi-monthly Live Stress Relief Hotseat Video Calls, workshops, conferences and 1:1 programs, Lauren equips people globally with mindset skills and physiological techniques to de-stress their lives, regain inner clarity and step into personal excellence.